iPhone Apps I use – Updated List

Updated: Aug 3, 2010

I get asked all the time about the apps that I run on my iPhone… So I’ve compiled a list here. I’ve kind of kept them in loose running order of their ‘importance’, or rather perhaps, how often I use them. I’ll try to keep this up-to-date, and maybe even break out a list of Apps I’ve run, then delete for whatever reason… That list can be found below the good list.

First Page Apps

These apps are used enough that they all get first-page real estate on my iPhone:

iXpenseit These guys also make another app, FYI Mileage, for tracking your car’s mileage and writing it off. It integrates well with iXpenseit and looks nice too.

Project Management and To-Do Lists: I now use Basecamp and/or Asana, depending on which agency I’m working with. I’m not using Things anymore, which because of its closed ecosystem just doesn’t work well for sharing.

EchoFon Pro (formerly TwitterFon Pro). I’ve tried a bunch of Twitter apps, but if you’re running multiple accounts, this is the one, hands down.

TimeSlice Works with my time tracking app on my laptop. There are other solutions, maybe some are even a bit more elegant than TimeSlice, but I’ve been using it for years, and if I ever have a problem, Bill usually replies pretty quick, and has on more than one occasion, cut me a Beta to fix my problem.

iPhone screen page 1 (IMG_2023) iPhone screen page 2 (IMG_2024)

Here are my first (left) and second screens (right).

WeatherEye (from The Weather Network). Waaaaay better than the standard weather app. Way more localized, allows you to save several different cities in your settings. Nice for very localized weather in the short and long term. Hopefully, in the next version, we’ll be able to change the weather?

Air Sharing. This is where I keep important PDFs I’ll need with me, Flight itineraries, Electronic Boarding Passes, Tickets, Concert Tickets, Receipts, photos I keep with me permanently, etc.

Photo Editing Apps




Peter Belanger (MacWorld photographer) has a killer set of photo editing apps not to be missed.

Facebook App   Duh… I barely ever look at the actual website anymore.

Other Apps – Page 2 and beyond…

Air Mouse Runs my headless Mac Mini (my media centre)


Remote (Apple’s remote)



21 Pro [iTunes link] (Blackjack game, pro version) This is my go-to game when I’m bored.

Dual Level (has actually come in handy a few times)

VNC Light (for accessing the headless MacMini)

WhiteNoise Pro – For those times when you just can’t sleep

Speedtest (Light version)

Now Playing

Snow Report (The North Face)


Bump (hey, it was free)

iPedia+ (Wikipedia App)

Deliveries (Delivery Status Touch from JuneCloud) Connects with your Dashboard Widget Delivery Status (very handy)

NetNews Wire (Don’t use this a lot on the phone, have way too many RSS Feeds, and the app doesn’t handle it well)

Traffic CA (Traffic cameras for major cities) Works pretty well here in Vancouver, I use it to check my bridge traffic all the time.

BigOven (BigOven.com)



Globe & Mail NEWS APP

NewsCanada (lite version) NEWS APP


Google Earth


I’m not much of a games guy, but I keep a few on the phone to kill time here and there.

21 Pro [iTunes link] (Blackjack game, pro version) This is my go-to game when I’m bored.

Tris (Tetris game)

Moonlight lite (Majong game)

reMovem free

SuperBall 3 Pro (one of the few games I’ve actually purchased)





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