Cherry photos for Jind Fruit Co.’s social media updates

Click the photos to see a larger version.

With the cherry season going into full swing, our client Jind Fruit needed imagery for its ‘Summer Nights Cherries’ for their social channels. One night Katie brought home some ceramic fruit baskets from Anthropologie, and I thought they’d look great in a photo. Believe it or not, this top photo isn’t even styled. We had just finished dinner, I moved our plates out of frame, put the cherries in the baskets, and banged off a few shots. The flowers were already in place, and our new deck is in full swing, making a perfect background.

We also had just bought a Zoku Quick Pop Maker (makes popsicles in 7 minutes!), and Katie wasted no time trying out recipes with the 22.5lbs of cherries that I brought home. This popsicle was made from fresh Dark Red Sweet cherries, and if that doesn’t say “What Summer Tastes Like”, I don’t know what does. The 4lb box export box we designed is in the background.
These ice pops were made from Rainer cherries and apple juice. They taste WAY better than they look in the photo. This photo went out via my personal Twitter account (via Instagram) and then RT’d (retweeted) for a more authentic, unbranded share.

You can see all the final Jind Fruit Co. packaging I designed here (as well as photos of the samples here) which includes a little bit of background on the technical challenges we faced when designing the craft packaging for Jind.

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