2007 Red Bull Elevation Video from Whistler, BC

Video footage of the last Red Bull Elevation held in Canada – our last contest in Whistler. Red Bull filmed the entire event as they always have on really high-end HD cameras that were loaned to us by the NFL, and none of that HD footage of this contest has ever been seen.

In the past, Red Bull produced 22-minute highlight promos for television (see the other 2005 Red Bull Elevation video and the 2006 Red Bull Elevation video), and unfortunately for this final year, only 3 short clips were produced, and they went straight to YouTube. A real shame… Maybe someday this footage will make its way into the public domain.

One of the most iconic photos from the 2007 Whistler contest is of veteran pro, Brian Foster with a huge 360 over the big gap right into Whistler Village. Photo by David Lang (Red Bull)

In addition to this Pro Finals clip, you can also check out the Qualifiers video, and a Practice/Warm-up video below.

Qualifiers Video

Practice/Warm-up Video


Note: 275,000 views as of December 2009.

Produced by Freeride Entertainment.

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