iPhone photo dump January 2012

The first phone dump of 2012 – it’s full-on snow action here… Some Mt Baker, Whistler and lots of riding on the local mountain at Cypress.

  • Katie got a free night at the Vancouver Westin Bayshore in Coal Harbour as part of their Wedding Fair booking for work, so we took advantage of a night downtown. It’s weird staying in a hotel in your own city… but anyway, here’s the view from our room down into the pool and harbour.
  • Just a neat concrete texture… and some screws poking out of it… I just like the feel of it, and the off-brown colour of the concrete is different.
  • Mt Baker – epic as it always is. This isn’t Mt Baker itself, this is actually the next mountain over in the range.
  • Driving around in Maple Falls, Washington we came across this duck, a few chickens, a cat and a rabbit all playing together in a ditch. Weren’t able to get them all in one picture, they were moving around pretty fast chasing the cat. Not something you see every day.
  • Pat Moore x Slayer snowboard, a colab with Forum Snowboards – I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of this board until I came across it in person at a friend’s place. It looks pretty hot, a job well done.
  • “It pays to look well” – words to remember on this cool old-school barber shop pole at the barber shop in Maple Falls, WA.
  • Lunch at Mt Baker, a sourdough bread bowl filled with delicious, meaty chili. I could go for that again right now. Or anytime really.
  • Night shot of downtown Vancouver from the balcony of Westin Bayshore. I guess it looked better when you’re looking out the actual window, but I’ve never seen Vancouver from that view before. A tourist in your own city…
  • The new Raven Hut Lodge at Mt Baker is pretty awesome – this is where that amazing chili on the left came from. Now I’m thinking about that chili again…

Listening to:
Clutch – Blast Tyrant (reissue)
Rival Schools – Pedals (Deluxe Edition and Remixes)
Lamb of God – Resolution
Skunk Anasie – Wonderlustre
Aesthesys – Camera Obscura
The Big Pink – Future This
Pixies – Pixies at the BBC / Bossanova / Complete ‘B’ Sides
Nada Surf – The Stars are Indifferent to Astronomy
Deconstruction – Deconstruction s/t and 1993 Demos
Destroyer – Kaputt
M83 – Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming
Dwarves – Dwarves Must Die
Lungfish – Necrophones
McRad – F.D.R. / Absence Of Sanity
Isis – Wavering Radiant
Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine – 1992: The Love Album

About the iPhone photo dump: I shoot a lot of photos in the average month, whether it be on my iPhone (or any of my other cameras). Sadly, most of these photos never see the light of day, and sit buried somewhere on a hard-drive. I’m using this monthly feature to set some of those photos free. You can see my full archive of iPhone Photo dumps here.

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