The go kart in action on the Rattlesnake Canyon track.

Jind Fruit Co. Branded Go Kart


Client: Jind Fruit Co.
Strategy: Tugboat Group
Creative Direction: Tugboat Group

Art Direction: Tugboat Group / Chris Young
Design: Chris Young
Production: Chris Young

Work completed while employed at Tugboat Group.

Jind Fruit Co. is a 3rd-generation independent fruit grower in Osoyoos, BC looking to continue it’s rebranding effort with a full-range of complimentary product packaging.

A vintage look and feel for the Jind Fruit brand had already been established through earlier work. This new packaging continued to refine those summer themes; summer nights, summer love, and summer flings. This vintage feel would be a little softer, more romantic– confident, but not trying to hard.

It’s not every day you get to do a fun job like this go-kart… Jind Fruit wanted to do some low-key local advertising in their hometown of Osoyoos, BC– and what better way to get delicious fruit into people’s minds than when they’re watching the go-karts at Rattlesnake Canyon amusement park? This juicy-looking go-kart really lives up to Jind Fruit’s What Summer Tastes Like™ tagline. Jind Fruit branded graphics appear on the bonnet, sides and rear spoiler. The go-kart is one small part of Jind Fruit’s re-branding, including a new logo, stationery, website, complete packaging line and collateral like the Buyers Guide.

Side view and top-down view of the rear spoiler that features their URL and sub-brand logos of their produce range.
Side view and top-down view of the rear spoiler features the URL and sub-brand logos of their produce range.

Concept drawing of the Jind Fruit go kart.
Concept drawing of the Jind Fruit go-kart.


See also Jind Fruit Packaging and Jind Fruit Buyer’s Guide.

All work copyright Jind Fruit Co.

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