Cycling British Columbia


Client: Cycling British Columbia
Strategy: Cycling BC / Chris Young
Creative Direction: Chris Young

Art Direction: Chris Young
Design: Chris Young
Production: Chris Young

Cycling British Columbia is the provincial governing body for the sport of cycling in British Columbia. They represent the full range of disciplines, including Road, Track, Cyclo-cross, Mountain Biking, BMX and Para-cycling.

Cycling BC approached me to help them take their recent rebrand to the next level and apply that to new fundraising collateral that could help them with some high-priority initiatives.

I’m a lifelong cyclist and have deep knowledge of the industry; with all my years of experience working in the cycling industry, I worked closely with them to create collateral that would present them as an organization worth investing in. We purposely chose to print the brochure on a higher quality uncoated paper and make it wider than your standard leaflet so that it would stand out. A soft-touch coated presentation folder was created that perfectly holds the brochure. It also has additional pockets if any other customized message or materials would accompany it.

The fundraising brochure outlines the organization’s vision of inspiring cyclists of all levels, from the highest level of competitive cycling to getting kids out on bikes for the first time. The brochure also presents a simple message about the donor’s money and how it will help.

Cycling BC fundraising brochure cover and back details.

Presentation Folder cover and inside.

Cycling BC Presentation folder opened up; features pockets on both sides for inserting the fundraising brochure/form and business card slot. Additional pocket room on the left side if you need it.

Fundraising brochure cover and donation form on the inside panel.

The fundraising brochure has one of the panels dedicated to a form where you can donate money or extra Air Miles to the organization.

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