BodyPulse Fitness Studio


Client: BodyPulse Fitness Studio
Strategy: Kimbo Design / Chris Young
Creative Direction: Kimbo Design / Chris Young

Art Direction: Chris Young / Kimbo Design
Design: Chris Young
Production: Chris Young

Project was completed while working at Kimbo Design.

BodyPulse is a newly established Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) fitness studio in Vancouver.

The studio owners came to Kimbo Design with their idea of opening their own EMS Fitness Studio in Vancouver after managing studios in the Middle East and Europe. As the design lead, I worked closely with them to establish a brand identity that was simple and bold—just what they were looking for. The project included designing and developing a logo, brand platform, tagline, messaging options, website and signage for the studio. We also gave art direction for the promotional photo and video shoot, aiming for stark and bold imagery. BodyPulse has recently opened a second fitness studio in West Vancouver in addition to their original Kitsilano studio.

Visit their website at

Learn more about Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) fitness here.

BodyPulse branding

From the first meeting, it was obvious that the studio owners wanted a stark, simple look. Nothing flashy or over the top. They weren’t sure what they wanted but knew what they didn’t like. This helped me establish a stripped-down, high-contrast black-and-white palette. Upon showing the first concepts with some variations of an accent colour, they were sure they didn’t want or need it. As we worked through some of the collateral, they realized we were right, and we started bringing forward the brick red/bright red accent sparsely as needed.

The BodyPulse Fitness Studio logo for formal collateral, but for most applications, we’ll use the simpler BodyPulse wordmark.

A few of the different BodyPulse logo variations; positive, reversed, with the tagline, with the EMS Electro Muscle Stimulation line lockup, and some stylized versions of the logo with different treatments either on the background or the ‘repeater’ logo, and finally, the BodyPulse colour palette.

Embossed BodyPulse logo on the cover of the membership package.

BodyPulse t-shirts with the full logo. Photos: Ben Owens

In addition to the formal full logo used on applications, a distressed/stylized version of the simple logo could be used. BodyPulse logo on the cap.

BodyPulse stationery package.

BodyPulse business cards.

BoldPulse seasonal gift certificates. Photo: Ben Owens

I created a full brand standards guide to help the owners oversee every step of the BodyPulse brand moving forward.

BodyPulse digital ads for the launch campaign.

Grand opening campaign launch posters.
The BodyPulse repeater logo used in an application.


I oversaw the design of the interior signage/elements and the exterior signage. Everything was designed to follow suit with how I established everything in the brand platform; keeping everything stark and simple. They wanted a bright, white, sparsely decorated studio—this helped maintain the budget and keep the aesthetic they were looking for.

The impactful application of the full logo on the stark white wall. Photo: Ben Owens

The red accent was used sparingly to keep the look simple, creating a nice burst of colour for the studio door. Photo: Ben Owens

Exterior of the Kitsilano studio. Photo: Ben Owens
Exterior of the Kitsilano studio.

Website design

The BodyPulse Fitness website.

I oversaw the design of a modest responsive website using a similar approach to ensure consistency in look and feel. This website gets the most vital information online to learn more about EMS fitness and, most importantly—book their appointments.

The website was designed with a phased approach, first launching with this stripped-down version with just the necessary information, with plans to add more later with blog posts and additional informative pages that go deeper into the EMS fitness world. The website is seamlessly integrated with the Mindbody booking system for a fluid user experience.

BodyPulse homepage on a mobile device.

BodyPulse About Us page reiterates their simple 4-step program to get started.

Visit the website at

Video production and social media

This 45-second video combines a timeless look, with both slow-motion and speed ramps to match the tempo of the music.

Content and art direction for the website videos and social media

We provided their video editor with some art direction and guidelines to produce a handful of videos to help establish a more immersive look for the brand. Made for the website and social media, they’re all under 45 seconds and super-punchy to match the vibe of the workout. Working from this direction, their filmers/editors took it and created impactful video cuts that will stand the test of time.

Guidelines for their social media assets alongside a working strategy document were provided to BodyPulse, knowing that it needed to be simple for them to execute on their own. I’ve been impressed to see how they’ve taken from our modest guidelines and surpassed them, and really owning it. From the beginning, they insisted that their brand be authentic and all their own.

BodyPulse Instagram feed.

A couple of examples of social content they’ve created on their own:

BodyPulse social channels:   Instagram   |   Facebook


The BodyPulse Fitness Studio owners were very pleased with the final brand and impressed with how close we landed to what they had envisioned. It’s been a couple of years since the launch of their Kitsilano studio, and they have just launched their second studio in West Vancouver.

All work copyright BodyPulse Fitness Studio and KIMBO Design. Videography and some photography by Ben Owens.









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