iPhone photo dump November 2010

November’s best of photos off the iPhone – from the top left…

  • It’s not often you have carpet in the washroom… Let alone bright red carpet. It felt like I was in Elton John’s washroom. I would imagine he’s got bright red plush carpet in his washroom – can anybody confirm this?
  • Still life – I had a collection of apples on my desk that were marked with their variety names (from a CBC media visit/tasting).
  • Some rough sketches for a website design I was working on.
  • Anthem II DVD and limited edition package. I’ve probably watched the video 25 times since.
  • Scrabble – I was pretty stoked when I got to use the word ‘wheelie’ in a scrabble game. Not many points for it unfortunately, just check out all those 1’s.
  • GDC ‘Practivism’ poster on the corkboard at work. It was a pretty cool poster with really prominent layers of overprinting techniques, printed at Rhino.
  • Cupcakes at Safeway – they look good, but don’t taste good at all.
  • More randomness on the corkboard at work.
  • These ‘food objects’ were in the glass counter beside those cupcakes, on the left. You know what doesn’t look good beside really bright cupcakes? Food that looks like shit.
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