Tugboat Group vs. Industrial Brand Paintball Challenge

Tugboat-IndBrand-paintball IMG_8272
Stephanie and I compare the names on our jumpsuits; she’s clearly wearing mine.

In the spirit of friendly competition among design studios in Vancouver, our crew at Tugboat Group challenged Mark Busse’s team at Industrial Brand to a paintball challenge. Last Saturday we met at Tsawwassen Paintball to meet our fate. In order to get the teams to decent sizes, both teams had to call in for some backup. On the Tugboat side, we pulled in a few ex-staffers and suppliers, and Industrial Brand pulled in some friends and their team of web programmers.

I’d say we were fairly matched, both having some females on each team to keep the testosterone in check. The fall weather was perfect for playing in; we weren’t sweating our pants off in our layers of protective gear, and the paintballs weren’t too cold (equals hurts more) so playing the whole day was a great distraction from whatever else we would have been doing that Saturday. We took beer breaks in the middle and end of day to get to know each other from the other teams.

I think in the end, we called the competition a ‘draw’, neither one of us standing a true victor. New frenemies were made, and we have a new found respect for those on the other team that we go into battle head-to-head in the real world for design projects on a regular basis.

Tugboat-IndBrand-paintball IMG_8288
Stephanie was very ready for war.
Tugboat-IndBrand-paintball IMG_8424
The Tugboat Group team lines up for the next game… We lined up, and a few of us were given a tap on the shoulder by one of the game marshals; that meant that those tapped would go rogue against their own team when instructed. You didn’t know who you could trust.

Tugboat-IndBrand-paintball IMG_8306
Industrial Brand’s ragtag team wasn’t intimated at all.
Tugboat-IndBrand-paintball IMG_8374
Tugboat Captain Steve and Industrial Brand’s Mark Busse say a few words in-between games.
Tugboat-IndBrand-paintball IMG_8355
Someone on our team brought smoke bombs; that’s me taking advantage of the smoke cover and charging the other team’s base.
Tugboat-IndBrand-paintball IMG_8468
Some of us got into it a little more than others… At least he was on our team.

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