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For the 2008 Red Bull Elevation, we moved the contest to the Parque Metropolitano in Guadalajara, Mexico for a change of flavour. While Guadalajara certainly doesn’t have the glam of Whistler, everybody loved going down to Mexico to hang for a few days and chill out in May.

This video was produced by Red Bull Mexico (the music in this video is certainly what I wouldn’t have picked, but it’s not the worst thing I’ve ever heard). Be sure to watch the HD version of the video.

Over 1,000,000 views as of December 2009. Wow.


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Overview video of the 2007 Metro Jam contest we put on in Singapore, filmed for the American RushHD Channel.

Below are a few more videos from the contest that took place at Somerset Park in downtown Singapore.


Ryan Nyquist Profile.

Chris Doyle profile.

Paul Roberts Profile

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Video footage of the last Red Bull Elevation held in Canada – our last contest in Whistler. Red Bull filmed the entire event as they always have on crazy HD cameras, and almost none of the footage has ever been seen. In the past, they produced 22 minute highlight promos for television (see the other 2005 and 2006 videos linked below), and unfortunately for this final year, only 3 short clips were produced, and they went straight to YouTube. A real shame… Maybe someday this footage will make it’s way into the public domain.

In addition to this Pro Finals clip, you can also check out the Qualifiers video, and a Practice/Warm-up video.

Note: 275,000 views as of December 2009.

Produced by Freeride Entertainment.


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My parents are in town for a week, so we went to the Apple Festival at the UBC Botanical Garden on the weekend to taste some of the 60+ varieties of apples. My parent’s hadn’t even been in town for 24 hours and they already make an appearance on CNN. My dad gets a speaking roll, coming in at the 2:41 mark at the blind taste test of a couple different apples. You can see my mom and I just off to the right.

Katie introduces the new Apple cultivar (SPA493) at 2:28. (NOTE: The video is no longer online)

Just before we went to the Apple Fest, we stopped by Nitobe Garden for a quick tour to see the fall colours. The garden was looking amazing, so I shot a ton of photos. Here’s one of them here



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2009 Hell Track BMX Race at Vanier Park from Chris Young on Vimeo.

You can read more about the Hell Track race here

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2006 Red Bull Elevation BMX Contest, Whistler, BC on Vimeo.

Looks like the Red Bull Elevation videos have finally made their way online. This is the official full length video put out by Red Bull, and is a great look at the 2006 contest. I’ll link to some of the other videos in another post as well. This event took place over the Canada Day long weekend in 2006.

I miss doing these events the most… Nothing against the Metro’s – but these Elevations were just at a completely different level.

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2005 Red Bull Elevation BMX Contest, Whistler, BC on Vimeo.

Here’s the first Red Bull Elevation video in it’s entirety. This is the official full length video put out by Red Bull, and is a great look at the original 2005 contest. This was the first Red Bull contest we put on, and it was epic. It took the world by storm, and by the time the 2006 contest happened, every badass on the planet wanted to be there to ride it. The contests stayed in Whistler for 3 years, then we did one in Guadalajara, MX which was the last one we ever did.

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