Katie and my Dad on CNN, at the UBC Apple Festival

My parents are in town for a week, so we went to the Apple Festival at the UBC Botanical Garden on the weekend to taste some of the 60+ varieties of apples. My parents hadn’t even been in town for 24 hours and they had already made an appearance on CNN. My dad gets a speaking role, coming in at the 2:41 mark at the blind taste test of a couple of different apples. You can see my mom and me just off to the right.

Screen capture from the CNN video that’s no longer online.

Katie introduces the new Apple cultivar (SPA493) at 2:28. (NOTE: The video is no longer online)

Just before we went to the Apple Fest, we stopped by Nitobe Garden for a quick tour to see the fall colours. The garden was looking amazing, so I shot a ton of photos. Here’s one of them here

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