South Carolina vacation pictures, September 2010

It’s taken me a while to go through all my South Carolina pictures. I really overshot on the second half of this trip, shooting over 1000 photos. That’s a lot to break down and sort through. There’s just something about palm trees; I can never seem to shoot enough of them. This was the first ‘real’ vacation I’ve taken in a while. For many years, most of my vacations have been ‘work vacations’, where I’d get to go somewhere exotic, or at least warm, but there would be an event to put on first, then I’d stay and chill after the event and wind down.

You can see some of the photos in the gallery below, and just my favourites here. If you’re connected to me as a friend (or family) on Flickr, you actually get to photos with people in them.

South Carolina Vacation 2010 Gallery

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