iPhone photo dump October 2010

Here’s the latest round of photos off the iPhone – from the top left…

  • Soap from Escents. Katie’s been making soap at home lately, so this is a reminder to make some of this kind – it smelled sweet.
  • James at work made a hamburger and fries cake for his snack day. The fries were actually cookies.
  • Went to see Stewart Brand, author of The Whole Earth Catalog speak at a UBC evening lecture. This is a (blurry) shot of him talking to the audience after his presentation.
  • Random 10-speed with a sweet old/new Gap branded bag covering the seat (shot a few days after the bungled Gap re-brand launch).
  • View from the studio boardroom/deck at work.
  • I had to tear apart an external hard drive to see what was going on, just another dead drive in my life. This time it was my music drive. It was backed up, but it had been a while. So that took about the next 6 weeks of my life to get that back up and running again.
  • The washroom at Antisocial Skateboard shop… I guess I wasn’t the only one that thought this looked cool – almost the exact same photo ran as an ad for Concrete Skateboarding magazine. (edit: link is now dead)
  • Like I’d need a reminder to watch Dexter.
  • Chinese restaurant table, waiting for our take-out order to be ready. While Rick Springfield blared out on the radio. Nice.
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