iPhone photo dump June 2011

June was a busy month. I was back in New Brunswick for another wedding (I was just there in late February), but this time I was there for more than a couple days. This was my first trip to NB in the summer, so I was pretty excited about that. The weather was a bit grey for a few days of the trip, but we threaded the needle and were able to take the best days for a quick road-trip to the Bay of Fundy and camping at Fundy National Park.

Also, I finally got around to upgrading my iPhone 3G to an iPhone 4, so the pictures should be better. But I’m not promising that the content is going to get any better. Wink.

  • A group of kayakers floating in closer to the Flowerpot Rocks at Hopewell Rocks minutes after the tide started coming in.
  • New River Beach at Haggertys Cove in New Brunswick.
  • Found this treat, some kind of decorative toaster at a general store in the backwoods of New Brunswick. They had an ‘antiques’ section where we bought some Expo ’86 salt & pepper shakers. Antiques indeed.
  • The hip at Ron Mercer’s backyard ramp, hand-crafted, hand-sculpted out of plywood. Smooth as a baby’s butt even if it doesn’t look like it here in this close-up.
  • Sculpture in front of ‘Animal Land’ near Sussex, NB. No idea what the hell that thing is, but it’s wild.
  • The next 2 shots are just some peninsulas along the coast during our drive to Fundy National Park. I think I shot about 100 of these peninsulas. I’ll add them to the other 20,000 shots I have of ‘trees and rocks’.
  • Speaking of rocks, and coasts, here’s a photo from the other coast, our coast. Down on the beach at low tide, looking downtown from Point Grey.
  • The last shot is one of the many resident alpacas that are at Kingsbrae Garden, one of the best botanical gardens in North America. I shot a ton of photos there, and of course, have yet to go through them.

Listening to:
Agent Orange – Virtually Indestructible
Male Bonding – Endless Now
Japan – Exorcising Ghosts
Treepeople – Guilt, Regret, Embarrassment
Doves – The Last Broadcast
The Germs – (MIA) The Complete Anthology
Trivium – In Waves
Boris – Variations

About the iPhone photo dump: I shoot a lot of photos in the average month, whether it be on my iPhone (or any of my other cameras). Sadly, most of these photos never see the light of day, and sit buried somewhere on a hard-drive. I’m using this monthly feature to set some of those photos free. You can see my full archive of iPhone Photo dumps here.

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