iPhone photo dump February 2011

Another round of pics off the iPhone… I had a quick trip to New Brunswick in February for a wedding. As you might expect, flying to the east coast in the middle of winter might test your patience. 39 hours of travel for a 48 trip. Perfect. See the pictures of the snow up there ^^^. That’s New Brunswick. In a word? Snow. Oh, and cold.

  • If you’ve ever seen the Epic Meal Time videos, this is the cake version of that. Chocolate cake, chocolate baked in the cake, chocolate cupcakes, Oreos, donuts and more. More in stuff in the cake. Lots of more. Lots of chocolate. James at work is responsible for this beast. And making sure everybody at the studio is up to date with the latest Epic Meal Time videos.
  • Flowers… Some mums I picked up for Katie for Valentine’s Day. Did you know that mums are poisonous to cats? The cat is fine… Just, now we all know.
  • At the wedding reception (in NB), looking out the window at the latest dump of snow. The lights looked really cool through the snow and lining the path.
  • Cool tiles in the lobby of a friend’s building. All the different reds look pretty cool with the mint green tiles. I’m really into tiles right now.
  • I’ve been re-ripping all of my music CD’s to a super-high bitrate, and I’m getting rid of all but a couple of boxes of them. I’ve been storing a bunch of boxes full of CD’s for years, and it’s time for them to go. I haven’t played a CD in about 7 years (or whenever the iPod was invented). I’m saving only my favourite CD’s – rare imports, neat artwork, or just the best of the best. It’s pretty hard to whittle your babies down like that, and I was ruthless. Good riddance.
  • The hotel room that Air Canada put me in for my unexpected overnight stay in Toronto. Nothing memorable about it other than it was good to lay down here – it was a long day. The view just before the lights went out.
  • We stopped at the ‘Big Stop truck stop’ in Rothesay, New Brunswick for breakfast – which is where the locals eat. It was super busy. People of all ages filled the place, and we had to wait a little while to get a table. And, it was worth it.
  • Looking out the back window at Katie’s dad’s place just outside of Saint John, New Brunswick. Tons of snow. They still get snowfalls like we used to get when we were kids back in Ontario. Vancouver has me acclimatized, that’s for damn sure.
  • Cool detail of a painting… I really like the teal/black/yellow/green colour combo, and the texture was amazing. All things you can’t capture on my iPhone camera.

Unrelated – Google just launched Google Recipes… Pretty cool.

Listening to:
J. Mascis – Several Shades Of Why
Rabbits – Lower Forms
Explosions In The Sky – Take Care, Take Care, Take Care
Buffalo Tom – Skins
Twilight Singers – Dynamite Steps

About the iPhone photo dump: I shoot a lot of photos in the average month, whether it be on my iPhone (or any of my other cameras). Sadly, most of these photos never see the light of day and sit buried somewhere on a hard-drive. I’m using this monthly feature to set some of those photos free. You can see my full archive of iPhone Photo dumps here.

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