iPhone photo dump December 2010

December’s photos have a bit of a Christmas theme of course… Meet the craziest Santa you’ve ever seen – from the top left…

  • Shot from the Raven Ridge chairlift on Cypress Mountain.
  • Another shot on the chairlift – only this one’s looking down.
  • Okay everybody, meet Johnny Claus… A wild evening of Christmas carols that I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. I’m not a caroller…
  • One of the twin beagles, can’t remember either of their names.
  • Another toilet photo? Really? The phone makes this washroom setup complete.
  • A United Bikes finger bike at some toy store – and it actually looks really good.
  • Noisemakers from the Christmas party, and some noise-making fuel.
  • I totally don’t remember taking this photo and have no idea where it’s from, but I can see why I would have shot it. Maybe it was painted on velvet or something?
  • Maudite beer… Hate the beer, but love their evil-looking graphics on all their packaging.
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