iPhone photo dump January 2011

It’s time once again for another dump of photos off the iPhone – starting at the top left…

  • One Friday night, we made a stop at the Roundhouse Community Centre in Yaletown for some VSBC business. The PuSh Festival exhibit was taking place in the main performance centre, so we took a half hour and checked it out. There was some cool art on display, and there’s a few pics from the exhibit here in the photos.
  • It’s amazing what can be found in the aisles of Winners. Katie models the treasure she found. Gold boots with neon pink laces. [update: no, she didn’t buy them]
  • Pantone chips on the desk, that’s a lot of pink.
  • Another piece from the PuSh Festival
  • Looking in the window at Antisocial Skateboard Shop
  • Another piece from the PuSh Festival – a small video camera was mounted up at the top of this umbrella.
  • Hospital ER visit. Photo shot at 6:15AM after being at VGH for a little over an hour wondering if any doctors were coming to see me.
  • This is little Felix from the Granville Island Pet Hospital. If you’ve ever been to this vet before, Felix has been welcoming 2 and 4-legged visitors at the front counter for 17 years. I shot this photo of Felix sleeping on our way out the door – and on our next visit just a few weeks later, we discovered Felix had died. Felix looks exactly like our cat, Nik.
  • Glass tile wall at some restaurant – I really like the colours. Note to self: do something incorporating these colours.

About the iPhone photo dump: I shoot a lot of photos in the average month, whether it be on my iPhone (or any of my other cameras). Sadly, most of these photos never see the light of day, and sit buried somewhere on a hard-drive. I’m using this monthly feature to set some of those photos free. You can see my full archive of iPhone Photo dumps here.

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