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3rd Jun 2010 | Posted in: Blog 0
Metro Jam BMX Contest Promotional Video

A short video for potential sponsors as part of a sponsor/media package to showcase the Metro Jam BMX contest experience, and how it differentiates from the big TV contests. Filmed by Brian Hunt plus some additional footage provided by Props, I put together the edit, and intro graphic.

3rd Jun 2010 | Posted in: Blog 0
2005 Toronto Metro Jam BMX Contest Highlights Video

A Pro Highlights reel from the 2005 Toronto Metro Jam BMX contest at the Ricoh Coliseum. This video was put together within a couple days of the contest finish, which was pretty much unheard of back in 2005.

The Metro Jam is a BMX contest series we put on from 2001-2007. Flying in on the Thursday evening of each contest, we’d stay up all weekend doing the event and after parties/video premieres, then tear down the course late into Sunday night, and finally jumping on a plane first thing Monday morning back to Vancouver.

For this video, after I got home, I then stayed up for the next 2 days straight through reviewing the footage, importing and editing this highlights clip to get onto the Ride BMX Magazine website for the Wednesday morning.

What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger, and these contests just about killed me every time. I don’t miss doing these things at all. Okay, maybe a bit.

9th Dec 2009 | Posted in: Blog 0
2005 Toronto Metro Jam Video

Professional BMX Contest highlights video I edited for the 2005 Toronto Metro Jam pro finals at the Richoh Coliseum. This edit was cranked out in a matter of hours so that I could get it online ASAP.

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