Investing in our Forests Book


Client: Forestry Innovation Investment (FII)
Creative Direction: Tugboat Group

Art Direction: Chris Young
Design: Chris Young
Production: Chris Young

Work completed while employed at Tugboat Group.

Forestry Innovation Investment is a provincial agency that promotes British Columbia’s forest practices and products around the world.

FII is a provincial crown corporation set up by the British Columbia government in 2003 to support an environmentally sustainable and prosperous forest economy in British Columbia.

Forestry Innovation Investment (FII) was pleased with the Wood Fibre Opportunities booklet I had previously designed and had us design their next major project – a 60-page book highlighting investment in British Columbia forestry to an international audience. The book uses the first project as a starting point for design, keeping in mind the more text-heavy informative content of the book.

The book was designed in four languages – English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. I designed, laid out, and typeset all but the Chinese books in-house, in a tight time-frame. The final book layouts were proofed by translation teams to ensure accuracy before the documents were printed in Asia.

See also the FII Wood Fibre Opportunities booklet.

All work copyright Forestry Innovation Investment (FII) and their respective owners.











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