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Townline Down to Earth logo Townline Down to Earth logo Townline Down to Earth logo Townline Down to Earth logo Townline Down to Earth logo Townline Down to Earth logo Townline Down to Earth logo Townline Down to Earth logo
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Art Direction: Coercion Design
Design: Chris Young

Down to Earth is Townline’s environmental commitment program in which every aspect of the company, from the office to the construction site has set goals to reduce waste up to 30%. The logo was designed to fit within the existing brand structures, and to work well with Townline’s other logos including their corporate logo, and their MetroLiving brand’s logo. The ‘Green Mail’ logo was also designed for the company’s internal environmental email newsletter.

Shown are the Down to Earth logo alongside Townline’s family of logos, Down to Earth branded items such as a reusable drink bottle, and natural cotton reusable Down to Earth/Townline bags, the Down to Earth statement from the corporate brochure, and lastly, the Down to Earth logo is printed on all corporate materials meeting the environmental requirement, as shown on the spine of the presentation folder.

Down to Earth is best explained in their own words, taken from their Down to Earth page [update: this page has been removed from their new website] on their corporate website.


If we can do something and we don’t, then we’re acting irresponsibly.

The challenge has been issued within the walls of Townline to reduce the company’s carbon footprint by 30%. There was no specific directive as to what or how that would be done for a very good reason. It caused staff to think and begin talking about how that might be achieved.

Consequently, all sorts of ideas have come to the fore from a variety of sources. And many of those ideas have now been implemented. Things like using demolition companies who actively sort, separate and recycle reclaimed materials; developing an innovative burn pit to deal with waste materials in Squamish; using Low VOC paints in every Townline home; drawers for recycling in all of our kitchens.

Where we can make the responsible choice, we will. And when there is no apparent choice, we will design a solution.

Is reducing our carbon footprint by 30% achievable? We absolutely believe it is. And more.


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