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17th Aug 2014 | Posted in: Blog, Photography 0
What I’ve been up to… June/July 2014

Here’s a little rundown of What I’ve Been Up to in the last few months… Since Instagram and Twitter have pretty much knocked my iPhone Photo Dump series out of commission, I want to bring back some form of a journal… Something I can look back at to see what I was doing and/or working on at that time. I shoot a ton of photos every month and barely any of them see the light of day, so I want to start sharing more of them.

15th Aug 2014 | Posted in: Blog, Photography 0
What I’ve been up to… California Trip

We made the trip down to Los Angeles in mid-June for my good friend’s wedding; Jonathan and Wendy were getting hitched and we weren’t going to miss it for the world. We planned a vacation around their wedding; staying in Venice Beach where it would be central to where we’d be going. From Venice, we’d head up the coast through Big Sur and then fly out of San Francisco. A relaxing vacation with lots of beach time, then driving up the coast was exactly what Katie and I needed.

In Venice we stayed just off the famous canals at an apartment we found on Airbnb. It’s a great place, and we’d definitely stay there again. We spent the week lounging on the beach, meeting up with friends, and hitting a few amazing restaurants while we were there.

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