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Salient Group Terminus Brochure

Creative Direction: Coercion Design Design: Chris Young For each Salient Group project, a small brochure was printed and inserted into a pre-printed die-cut Salient CD-pack with a couple of pockets for CD-ROM/DVD discs. The brochure contained brief info highlighting special features about the development, a rendering of the building concept, a couple generic floorplans, and […]

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Salient Group Terminus Signage

Following through with our ‘the end is near’ concept, we carried that message through to terminus’ completion (terminus meaning ‘the end’); ‘the end is near’ became ‘the end is here’. For many people, the terminus building will be remembered as the propped up building that burned down in Gastown almost a decade ago, so, ‘the end is here’ carries several meanings, but if you walk down that part of Water Street today, it’s quite a different place than it was before the fire.

The signage for the residential homes was designed to fill the commercial storefronts of The Salient Group’s terminus buildings on Water Street in Vancouver. With the translucent blue vinyl covering the majority of the windows, flood lights were used at night to shine through from the inside, showcasing both the retail space as well as creating a glowing blue luminance out onto the street. One of the windows was left blank with only a frosted white coating (shown in the second photo, on the left) where a video projection of a fly-through animation of The Salient Group’s Water Street/Gastown renovations would look once completed.

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Salient Group Water Street Development Illustration

This illustration, an elevation view of The Salient Group’s three developments on Water Street (from left to right, The Alhambra Building, Garage, and terminus) was created for the cover of a presentation folder.

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