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4th Jun 2010 | Posted in: Highlighted, Miscellaneous, Portfolio 0
Secret Agent Ball Party Invitation

Mark Anthony Group’s 007-themed ‘Secret Agent Ball’ parties have always been special events, and the invites are hard to come by. For this years invite, I came up with the concept of a puzzle that would need to be solved in order to figure out the details for the party.

Inside the folded invitation’s pocket (on the right) is a transparent plastic card, which resembles a DNA sequence output. The instructions direct you to line up the DNA sequence with the graphic on the inside of the invite (complete with markers to help you align it properly). If you followed the instructions properly, and with the DNA sequence aligned to the invite, all the information about the party were revealed.

All the information was also printed on the back-side of the tear-out admission ticket, just in case invitees weren’t able to solve the puzzle.

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