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15th Aug 2014 | Posted in: Blog, Photography 0
What I’ve been up to… California Trip

We made the trip down to Los Angeles in mid-June for my good friend’s wedding; Jonathan and Wendy were getting hitched and we weren’t going to miss it for the world. We planned a vacation around their wedding; staying in Venice Beach where it would be central to where we’d be going. From Venice, we’d head up the coast through Big Sur and then fly out of San Francisco. A relaxing vacation with lots of beach time, then driving up the coast was exactly what Katie and I needed.

In Venice we stayed just off the famous canals at an apartment we found on Airbnb. It’s a great place, and we’d definitely stay there again. We spent the week lounging on the beach, meeting up with friends, and hitting a few amazing restaurants while we were there.

20th Jan 2014 | Posted in: Blog, Photography 0
Honeymoon in Nicaragua

A two week trip to Nicaragua over Christmas and New Years is exactly what we were looking for for our honeymoon. Katie knew someone from Whistler who now lives in San Juan del Sur, having built her own house as well as a rental place that’s listed on AirBNB, so we figured why not; when else would we ever do this trip?

2nd Jul 2011 | Posted in: Blog, Photography 0
East Coast Trip pictures

A couple photos from our recent trip to Canada’s East Coast. We were in Saint John for a family wedding in June for a little over a week. The weather wasn’t the greatest, but we took advantage of the couple of sunny days there and went camping in Fundy National Park and drove around the […]

30th Oct 2010 | Posted in: Blog 0
South Carolina vacation pictures, September 2010

It’s taken me a while to go through all these South Carolina pictures. I really over shot on the second half of this trip, shooting over 1000 photos. That’s a lot to break down and sort through. There’s just something about palm trees; I can never seem to shoot enough of them. This was the […]

28th Oct 2010 | Posted in: Blog, Photography 0
New Orleans vacation pictures, September 2010

It’s taken me a little while to pull together and sort out all my photos from our New Orleans trip that we took with Katie’s family over the Labour Day long weekend. In case I didn’t shoot enough photos myself, I was left in charge of gathering all the photos from everybody’s cameras (5 in […]

16th Sep 2010 | Posted in: Blog 0
iPhone photo dump, New Orleans, September 2010

Katie and I just got back from a two-week vacation in the south-east United States for a double-family vacation. We started off our trip in New Orleans, LA to meet up with Katie’s family for the Labour Day long weekend and to celebrate Katie’s birthday. Then we made our way to Charleston, SC to see […]

18th Aug 2009 | Posted in: Blog 0
Cliff jumping photos, Coldstream, BC

Hooked up with the MacNeil and Ten Pack teams for part of the Ten Pack Re-session tour through the interior. One afternoon, everybody took a break and we headed up to Coldstream, BC to jump off the cliffs. Good fun. That is until I wiped out on the trail on the way out and scraped […]

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