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15th Oct 2014 | Posted in: Digital, Featured, Highlighted, Portfolio, Websites 0
Tugboat Group Website Redesign

The Tugboat Group website is a fully re-imagined website, replacing an aging website with one that has all the bells and whistles we would showcase on client’s websites. Built on the Drupal platform, the website goes deep on the back-end, including a robust email newsletter that keeps visitors coming back to see all the latest projects and news.

A major upgrade to a website with lofty goals is no easy task, and this one was no different. The website had been through many iterations of concepts, but kept getting pushed to the back-burner, as these things will at a studio that’s too busy with client work to find time for it’s own needs. The site had been roughed into place by a few junior designers, but I was put to task to take the website to the finish line.

Reviewing the site statistics from the last couple of years, we were able to understand what people came to the website to see. It was clear from reviewing the statistics that visitors wanted to (a) see the work in the portfolio section, and (b) learn more about the company. A conscious effort was made to put our energy into these sections, particularly to showcase the portfolio success stories. Tugboat is a full-service agency, so the work goes beyond just the creative department. With a fully integrated brand development, strategic marketing and in-house Drupal web development team, there’s a lot of different work to highlight across the years.

I’ve broken down some of the more interesting parts of the website design in the sections below. If you visit the live website, you may see some discrepancies from what I have here; I’ve chose to show the site as I originally designed it. As websites are living and breathing entities, the site may have changed, or lost out to A/B split testing post-launch.

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What’s at the Market website updates

Creative Direction/Design: Tugboat Group Art Direction/Design/UX/UI: Chris Young The What’s at the Market (WATM) website connects shoppers to farmers markets in their area, making busy people’s life easier by removing the guesswork of which vendors will be at which markets, and what products they’ll be selling. With the rising popularity of farmers markets across the Lower Mainland, […]

6th Jul 2014 | Posted in: Environmental & Signage, Featured, Highlighted, Portfolio 0
Windset Farms Office Environmental and Wayfinding Design

Windset Farms, one of North America’s premier greenhouse growers, recently constructed phase 2 of a new 3-million square foot greenhouse facility in Santa Maria, California. Tugboat Group was asked to design feature wall treatments for the new multimillion dollar facility to greet buyers from large-scale grocers including Costco, Walmart, Loblaws/President’s Choice with an impressive environment. The project scope has since grown into a full environmental and office interior design project.

15th May 2014 | Posted in: Featured, Highlighted, Packaging, Portfolio 0
Windset Farms Packaging Design

This redesign of Windset Farms’ entire product line was no small task — spanning seven products and 28 sub-brands, there was endless combinations of these products in both English-only and Bilingual versions, and multiple weight/count versions. This next generation of products needed to continue the clean, slick look that has become synonymous with their premium products.

28th Sep 2012 | Posted in: Blog 0
Tugboat Group vs. Industrial Brand Paintball Challenge

In the spirit of friendly competition among design studios in Vancouver, we at Tugboat Group challenged Mark Busse’s team at Industrial Brand to a paintball challenge. Last Saturday we met at Tsawwassen Paintball to meet our fate. In order to get the teams to decent sizes, both teams had to call in for some backup. On the Tugboat side, we pulled in a few ex-staffers and suppliers, and Industrial Brand pulled in some friends and their web programmers.

I’d say we were fairly matched, both having some female’s on each team to keep the testosterone in check. The fall weather was perfect for playing in; we weren’t sweating our pants of in our protective gear, and the paintballs weren’t too cold (equals hurts more) so playing the whole day was a great distraction from whatever else we would have been doing that Saturday. We took beer breaks in the middle and end of day to get to know each other from the other teams.

I think in the end, we called the competition a draw, neither one of us standing a true victor. New frenemies were made, and we have a new found respect for those on the other team that we go into battle head-to-head in the real world for design projects.

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Jind Fruit Co. Packaging

A re-branded Jind Fruit Co., led to numerous other design projects — much work was to be done to design boxes, trays, clamshell labels and bags for Jind’s full product range. A vintage look and feel for the Jind brand had already been established through earlier work. This new packaging continued to refine those summer themes; summer nights, summer love, and summer flings. This vintage feel would be a little softer, more romantic — confident, but not trying to hard.

15th Aug 2012 | Posted in: Catalogues-Brochures, Featured, Portfolio, Print 0
Jind Fruit Co. Buyer’s Guide

This buyer’s guide for Jind Fruit Co. tightly incorporates their sub-brand visual elements, really cementing the company’s ‘What Summer Tastes Like’ tagline to the look and feel of all their promotional materials from the website through to the packaging and print collateral.

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Jind Fruit Co. Branded Go Kart

Jind Fruit wanted to do some low-key local advertising, and what better way to get delicious fruit into people’s minds that when they’re watching the go karts at Osoyoos’ Rattlesnake Canyon amusement park. This juicy looking go kart really lives up to Jind Fruit’s What Summer Tastes Like™ tagline.

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