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4th Jun 2010 | Posted in: Annual Reports, Portfolio 0
Forbes Medi-Tech Annual Report

Forbes Medi-Tech annual report for their 2000 fiscal year. Forbes Medi-Tech develops and markets a portfolio of nutraceutical products, including functional foods and supplements. Nutraceuticals includes ‘functional foods’, which are conventional foods containing ingredients that provide additional health or nutritional benefits leading to possible risk reduction of contracting chronic diseases.

4th Jun 2010 | Posted in: Annual Reports, Portfolio 0
B.C. Rail Annual Report

The B.C. Rail annual report for their 2000 fiscal year was a multi-page document printed on uncoated stock. To stay within budget, the inside pages were printed only 2 colour, so I was put to the task of creating Photoshop collages that were more than just duotones (because duotones can end up printing quite flat, particularly on uncoated paper), but rather 2 colour illustrations setting up the plates in Photoshop using just the cyan and magenta plates. This resulted in a little more planning, and production time, but it worked out very well.

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Secret Agent Ball Party Invitation

Mark Anthony Group’s 007-themed ‘Secret Agent Ball’ parties have always been special events, and the invites are hard to come by. For this years invite, I came up with the concept of a puzzle that would need to be solved in order to figure out the details for the party.

Inside the folded invitation’s pocket (on the right) is a transparent plastic card, which resembles a DNA sequence output. The instructions direct you to line up the DNA sequence with the graphic on the inside of the invite (complete with markers to help you align it properly). If you followed the instructions properly, and with the DNA sequence aligned to the invite, all the information about the party were revealed.

All the information was also printed on the back-side of the tear-out admission ticket, just in case invitees weren’t able to solve the puzzle.

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Ice Audio MP3 Player Packaging

MP3 audio player package design for an upstart electronics company, Ice Audio. The client came to us with nothing more than the prototype audio player, requiring a clamshell design and wanted a couple different versions – a lighter and darker version of the packaging to be designed.

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Ice Audio MP3 Player Packaging Illustrations

Audio MP3 player packaging concept illustrations showcase how the final production clamshell will look in both a light and dark colour. Shown are detailed mock-ups of the clamshell shown from the side, front and back; and a complete breakdown of the clamshell/paper packaging system that was sent to Asia for final production.

13th May 2010 | Posted in: Print 0
Sun Peaks Summer Trails Map Brochure

Summer 2004 mountain bike and hiking trails map designed to complement the rest of the summer collateral, all while staying true to the Sun Peaks brand and identity guidelines. These trail maps folded down into a pocket-sized brochure for convenience.

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Sun Peaks Mountain Bike Trails Map Outdoor Sign

This oversize exterior trail map showcases Sun Peaks extensive Mountain Bike Trails. The sign was based off of the previously designed Summer Trails Map as well as the Hiking Trails Map.

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Sun Peaks Ads

Three versions of the same ad for various magazines in different sizes, and with ranging content. Designed to compliment all promotional materials and collateral of that year, staying true to Sun Peaks brand and identity guidelines.

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