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4th Jun 2010 | Posted in: Identities, Portfolio 0
Pivotal Logo

The Pivotal identity came about because of the need to differentiate a new product in the BMX seat (aka ‘saddle’) marketplace. This new concept for affixing a seat and seat post was new, and needed to be defined not just as a new technology, but also as it’s own brand.

3rd Jun 2010 | Posted in: Packaging, Portfolio 0
MacNeil Bikes Seat and Seatpost Packaging

MacNeil Bikes seat header card and seatpost card packaging. Die-cut header card folds in half to create a hang tag, stapled to a clear plastic bag which holds the seat.

The seatpost packaging card folds in on itself at the bottom, to create a rigid package that holds the seatpost in place (strapped in with cable ties higher up) and is easy to hang in bike shops.

3rd Jun 2010 | Posted in: Packaging 0
Ceneca Seat and Seatpost Packaging

Seat packaging card system for Ceneca Seats; printed on a rigid paperboard stock, with a punched hole in the centre where the seat is affixed via the extruding bolt. Shown are a mock-up version of the card, the front artwork, and back artwork.

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