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26th Jan 2015 | Posted in: Blog, Photography 0
New Member Profile Feature on the GDC Website

The BC Chapter of the Graphic Designers of Canada interviewed me recently after I became a CGD™ certified member. I recently made it a priority to get more involved in this professional organization after being heavily involved in volunteering in my other passion, BMX biking. For over 15 years I’ve been involved in groups like the Vancouver Skateboard Coalition and Vancouver Dirt Jumping Coalition to help get public skateparks and dirt jumps built in the Lower Mainland for all users. It’s time for me to give back to my profession. I started volunteering at GDC events, and have been getting involved with other design related organizations and events, such as the relatively new Creative Pulse group.

17th Aug 2014 | Posted in: Blog, Photography 0
What I’ve been up to… June/July 2014

Here’s a little rundown of What I’ve Been Up to in the last few months… Since Instagram and Twitter have pretty much knocked my iPhone Photo Dump series out of commission, I want to bring back some form of a journal… Something I can look back at to see what I was doing and/or working on at that time. I shoot a ton of photos every month and barely any of them see the light of day, so I want to start sharing more of them.

15th Aug 2014 | Posted in: Blog, Photography 0
What I’ve been up to… California Trip

We made the trip down to Los Angeles in mid-June for my good friend’s wedding; Jonathan and Wendy were getting hitched and we weren’t going to miss it for the world. We planned a vacation around their wedding; staying in Venice Beach where it would be central to where we’d be going. From Venice, we’d head up the coast through Big Sur and then fly out of San Francisco. A relaxing vacation with lots of beach time, then driving up the coast was exactly what Katie and I needed.

In Venice we stayed just off the famous canals at an apartment we found on Airbnb. It’s a great place, and we’d definitely stay there again. We spent the week lounging on the beach, meeting up with friends, and hitting a few amazing restaurants while we were there.

15th Jul 2013 | Posted in: Blog, BMX, Photography 0
Riding photo from The Woodyard

Ken Paul came out to the Woodyard one night and had his camera out, so we shot a few photos. The above is one that turned out pretty awesome and I’m super stoked on. This is one of my favourite lines to hit at the Woodyard, transferring from the small quarter behind me onto the […]

8th Aug 2012 | Posted in: Blog, Photography 0
Jind Fruit Co. packaging, first look at the boxes

One of the projects I’ve been working on at Tugboat Group since late January of this year is designing and producing an array of deliverables for Jind Fruit Co. Last year Tugboat re-branded the Osoyoos, BC based fruit grower, designed and built their website, and this year the push has been to get all the […]

27th Jul 2012 | Posted in: Blog, Photography 0
Cherry photos for Jind Fruit Co.’s social media updates

With the cherry season going into full swing, our client Jind Fruit needed imagery for its Summer Nights Cherries social networks. One night Katie brought home some ceramic fruit baskets from Anthropologie, and I thought they’d look great in a photo. Believe it or not, this top photo isn’t even styled. We had just finished dinner, […]

4th Jul 2012 | Posted in: Blog, BMX, Photography 0
Riding photo from The Woodyard

I’ve been trying to get out and ride Ron Mercer’s backyard paradise, the ‘Woodyard’ whenever I get a chance. It is absolutely amazing, and one of the only opportunities to ride a wood ramp anywhere in the Lower Mainland – your only options are concrete or dirt, so this really is something to see. Here’s […]

11th Apr 2012 | Posted in: Blog, BMX, Writing 0
Go Magazine: Intro Editorial in the February 1992 Issue

This is an editorial I wrote in late 1991, and much to my surprise, was published in the February 1992 issue of Go Magazine. I was originally just going to run this little story in my ‘zine, SToKe, but I was feeling the vibe of the story, and thought I’d send it over to the […]

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