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16th Aug 2012 | Posted in: Featured, Highlighted, Packaging, Portfolio 0
Jind Fruit Co. Packaging

A re-branded Jind Fruit Co., led to numerous other design projects — much work was to be done to design boxes, trays, clamshell labels and bags for Jind’s full product range. A vintage look and feel for the Jind brand had already been established through earlier work. This new packaging continued to refine those summer themes; summer nights, summer love, and summer flings. This vintage feel would be a little softer, more romantic — confident, but not trying to hard.

15th Aug 2012 | Posted in: Catalogues-Brochures, Featured, Portfolio, Print 0
Jind Fruit Co. Buyer’s Guide

This buyer’s guide for Jind Fruit Co. tightly incorporates their sub-brand visual elements, really cementing the company’s ‘What Summer Tastes Like’ tagline to the look and feel of all their promotional materials from the website through to the packaging and print collateral.

14th Aug 2012 | Posted in: Miscellaneous, Portfolio 0
Jind Fruit Co. Branded Go Kart

Jind Fruit wanted to do some low-key local advertising, and what better way to get delicious fruit into people’s minds that when they’re watching the go karts at Osoyoos’ Rattlesnake Canyon amusement park. This juicy looking go kart really lives up to Jind Fruit’s What Summer Tastes Like™ tagline.

8th Aug 2012 | Posted in: Blog, Photography 0
Jind Fruit Co. packaging, first look at the boxes

One of the projects I’ve been working on at Tugboat Group since late January of this year is designing and producing an array of deliverables for Jind Fruit Co. Last year Tugboat re-branded the Osoyoos, BC based fruit grower, designed and built their website, and this year the push has been to get all the […]

27th Jul 2012 | Posted in: Blog, Photography 0
Cherry photos for Jind Fruit Co.’s social media updates

With the cherry season going into full swing, our client Jind Fruit needed imagery for its Summer Nights Cherries social networks. One night Katie brought home some ceramic fruit baskets from Anthropologie, and I thought they’d look great in a photo. Believe it or not, this top photo isn’t even styled. We had just finished dinner, […]

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