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6th Jul 2014 | Posted in: Environmental & Signage, Featured, Highlighted, Portfolio 0
Windset Farms Office Environmental and Wayfinding Design

Windset Farms, one of North America’s premier greenhouse growers, recently constructed phase 2 of a new 3-million square foot greenhouse facility in Santa Maria, California. Tugboat Group was asked to design feature wall treatments for the new multimillion dollar facility to greet buyers from large-scale grocers including Costco, Walmart, Loblaws/President’s Choice with an impressive environment. The project scope has since grown into a full environmental and office interior design project.

15th May 2014 | Posted in: Featured, Highlighted, Packaging, Portfolio 0
Windset Farms Packaging Design

This redesign of Windset Farms’ entire product line was no small task — spanning seven products and 28 sub-brands, there was endless combinations of these products in both English-only and Bilingual versions, and multiple weight/count versions. This next generation of products needed to continue the clean, slick look that has become synonymous with their premium products.

8th Sep 2011 | Posted in: Ads, Portfolio 0
Windset Farms Ads

Windset Farms is one of North America’s premier greenhouse growers, based out of Delta, BC. Windset is known as an industry leader in simple, clean design. These ads carry on Windset Farms’ design aesthetic, which stand out against their competitors ads when they appear in trade magazines, establishing them as a premium produce brand. This sample of ads range from grocery/produce trade magazines to newspaper and online ads.

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Windset Farms website updates

Windset Farms is one of North America’s premier produce growers, with major operations in Delta, BC and a new massive greenhouse complex in Santa Maria, California.

The WindsetTV section of their website houses video content including recipes, which are easy to follow along with. There are four sections “Saturday Chefs on Global TV”, “Friends in Freshness”, Commercials, and Events.

Refreshing the design of the WindsetTV page was carefully thought out to incorporate new design elements while keeping the look and feel cohesive with the rest of the site. The website is a behemoth so changes to the structure and templates/grids could have large usability consequences. A lengthy research and planning phase including a full review of how users navigate the site took place before beginning the new design.

7th Sep 2011 | Posted in: Portfolio 0
Vista D’oro Farms and Winery website

Vista D’oro Farms is a culinary agri-tourism destination located in South Langley, BC on ten acres overlooking Campbell Valley Park and Golden Ears Mountain Range south of Vancouver. On the farm they grow heritage orchard fruits, culinary herbs and grapes all of which can be found in their shop & tasting room.

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