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6th Jul 2014 | Posted in: Environmental & Signage, Featured, Highlighted, Portfolio 0
Windset Farms Office Environmental and Wayfinding Design

Windset Farms, one of North America’s premier greenhouse growers, recently constructed phase 2 of a new 3-million square foot greenhouse facility in Santa Maria, California. Tugboat Group was asked to design feature wall treatments for the new multimillion dollar facility to greet buyers from large-scale grocers including Costco, Walmart, Loblaws/President’s Choice with an impressive environment. The project scope has since grown into a full environmental and office interior design project.

4th Jun 2010 | Posted in: Environmental & Signage, Miscellaneous 0
Townline Metroliving Display Suite Sign

This oversize 8′ x 8′ back-lit display sign was a component to Townline’s Yaletown display and sales suite. The sign was positioned by the window, glowing red out onto the sidewalk to capture attention.

3rd Jun 2010 | Posted in: Environmental & Signage 0
Dandelion Kids Storefront Signage/Graphics

Signage, graphics and sandwich board for Dandelion Kids second store at Suter Brook Village in Port Moody, BC. Strict signage rules, and a modest budget dictated what we would be doing at their new store. This worked well because Dandelion has always run a modest design aesthetic, with a strong concentration on well-designed window displays that often do much of the speaking for their stores. 3D foam-core letters are mounted onto the existed metal structure overhead, on the windows vinyl cut artwork was applied.

3rd Jun 2010 | Posted in: Environmental & Signage, Portfolio 0
Salient Group Terminus Signage

Following through with our ‘the end is near’ concept, we carried that message through to terminus’ completion (terminus meaning ‘the end’); ‘the end is near’ became ‘the end is here’. For many people, the terminus building will be remembered as the propped up building that burned down in Gastown almost a decade ago, so, ‘the end is here’ carries several meanings, but if you walk down that part of Water Street today, it’s quite a different place than it was before the fire.

The signage for the residential homes was designed to fill the commercial storefronts of The Salient Group’s terminus buildings on Water Street in Vancouver. With the translucent blue vinyl covering the majority of the windows, flood lights were used at night to shine through from the inside, showcasing both the retail space as well as creating a glowing blue luminance out onto the street. One of the windows was left blank with only a frosted white coating (shown in the second photo, on the left) where a video projection of a fly-through animation of The Salient Group’s Water Street/Gastown renovations would look once completed.

3rd Jun 2010 | Posted in: Environmental & Signage 0
TwentyFive on the Park Hoarding

Signage for a development in the Capital Hill area for Seattle-based developer The Dwelling Company. Hoarding is 8′ tall and stretches 40 feet across, wrapping around another 8′ at each end.

13th May 2010 | Posted in: Blog 0
Sun Peaks Mountain Bike Trails Map Outdoor Sign

This oversize exterior trail map showcases Sun Peaks extensive Mountain Bike Trails. The sign was based off of the previously designed Summer Trails Map as well as the Hiking Trails Map.

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