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4th Jun 2010 | Posted in: Packaging 0
The MacNeil Video DVD Packaging

For this project I designed everything from the ground up. It was the first DVD I’d ever done, so there was lots to learn, particularly when it came to the DVD menus. This was the first DVD in the industry to take advantage of translucent plastic jewel case, so it also features graphics on the inside of the case.

Shown are the mocked-up dimensional cover, cover, back, and inside of the transparent jewel box, and just the wrap showing both with and without the DVD-Disc mocked into place.

4th Jun 2010 | Posted in: Packaging 0
MacNeil Bikes ‘San to Van’ DVD Packaging

‘San to Van’ is a road-trip video following the MacNeil Bikes pro team’s tour from San Diego, CA to Vancouver, BC. With injuries plaguing most of the team during the trip, and members flying in and out at different points, this video showcases the fun, friendship, and frustration that happens at they travel north up the I-5 freeway with scheduled stops and demos along the way.

In addition to the overseeing the production of the video, case artwork, titling/menus, I also wrote the copy for the DVD jewel box, website, catalogues and any other collateral for promotions. The video was released just as reality TV had really broken through into the mainstream, so I came up with the tag-line “Reality TV that doesn’t suck”, which appears on the 2007 print catalogue/poster and website.

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The MacNeil Video Jewel Box Photoshop Work

Using the original photo of the stack of video tapes and film rolls, I wanted to make the stack look a little beefier to really emphasize how much filming went into the production of this video. The tape stack became a major component of the DVD jewel box back design, and was also used across several components of the MacNeil Video launch campaign including the DVD menus, website, posters, slide shows, stickers, etc.

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The MacNeil Video DVD Jewel Box Illustration

This dimensional mock-up illustration of The MacNeil Video DVD Jewel Box was created for promotions for the release of the DVD, both online and print. Mock-up was assembled in Photoshop.

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Ten Pack ‘Evolution’ DVD Packaging

Designed and produced artwork for the Ten Pack ‘Evolution’ DVD packaging, DVD menus, video intro, ads and promotional collateral for the video release. For the design of the jewel box, we didn’t want to have the typical rider/action photo on the cover/back, and chose to keep it simple. Ten Pack has been one of Canada’s largest BMX-specific distributors since 1997, so we wanted to have a distinctly Canadian feel without going over the top.

A full-length team video showcasing some of Canada’s best BMX riding talent from coast-to-coast. Features Ten Pack Distribution riders Jay Miron, Dave Osato, Max Vincent, Dustin Guenther, John Heaton and many more.

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