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15th Oct 2014 | Posted in: Digital, Featured, Highlighted, Portfolio, Websites 0
Tugboat Group Website Redesign

The Tugboat Group website is a fully re-imagined website, replacing an aging website with one that has all the bells and whistles we would showcase on client’s websites. Built on the Drupal platform, the website goes deep on the back-end, including a robust email newsletter that keeps visitors coming back to see all the latest projects and news.

A major upgrade to a website with lofty goals is no easy task, and this one was no different. The website had been through many iterations of concepts, but kept getting pushed to the back-burner, as these things will at a studio that’s too busy with client work to find time for it’s own needs. The site had been roughed into place by a few junior designers, but I was put to task to take the website to the finish line.

Reviewing the site statistics from the last couple of years, we were able to understand what people came to the website to see. It was clear from reviewing the statistics that visitors wanted to (a) see the work in the portfolio section, and (b) learn more about the company. A conscious effort was made to put our energy into these sections, particularly to showcase the portfolio success stories. Tugboat is a full-service agency, so the work goes beyond just the creative department. With a fully integrated brand development, strategic marketing and in-house Drupal web development team, there’s a lot of different work to highlight across the years.

I’ve broken down some of the more interesting parts of the website design in the sections below. If you visit the live website, you may see some discrepancies from what I have here; I’ve chose to show the site as I originally designed it. As websites are living and breathing entities, the site may have changed, or lost out to A/B split testing post-launch.

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What’s at the Market website updates

Creative Direction/Design: Tugboat Group Art Direction/Design/UX/UI: Chris Young The What’s at the Market (WATM) website connects shoppers to farmers markets in their area, making busy people’s life easier by removing the guesswork of which vendors will be at which markets, and what products they’ll be selling. With the rising popularity of farmers markets across the Lower Mainland, […]

11th Sep 2011 | Posted in: Digital, Portfolio, Websites 0
BC CITO website

The British Columbia Construction Industry Training Organization (BC CITO) is the Industry Training Organization (ITO) responsible for the Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional (ICI) sector of the construction industry. CITO leads and supports the development of skilled workforce to meet industry’s needs and is responsible for 33 trades programs within the ICI sector.

The BC CITO project was an overall refresh of marketing and collateral material including a website to broaden their awareness to the construction industry. They wanted the new website to be a simple to update ‘communication exchange’ with their stakeholders to get news, updates and press releases out to the industry easily and efficiently.

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BBN3 Video website

Broadband Network Three (BBN3), part of the SoMedia Group specializes in technology-driven and in-the-cloud video production.

BBN3 wanted a new website which better reflected the company’s direction. Phase 1 of the project started with an overhaul of the BBN3Video identity, then progressed into designing a new look & feel for their company. In the past their graphics had been inconsistent and so a style guide was written to help the internal design team stay on brand moving forward.

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Reimer Alliance Website

Reimer Alliance International is the world leader in volumetric mixing technology, starting over 40 years ago to solve the problems associated with remote location concrete delivery. The client wanted a fresh and bold new look for their expanding product line. The website was designed to tightly integrate with new print collateral, and designed/produced quickly to meet a trade show deadline.

To give credit where credit is due, I took over this job when a good amount of the underlying design was already put into place. The job was handed over to me to ‘brush up the GUI a bit’, which ended up being a redesign of a decent amount of the website, including the front page, models page (and rollover treatment) and the At Work sections.

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Windset Farms website updates

Windset Farms is one of North America’s premier produce growers, with major operations in Delta, BC and a new massive greenhouse complex in Santa Maria, California.

The WindsetTV section of their website houses video content including recipes, which are easy to follow along with. There are four sections “Saturday Chefs on Global TV”, “Friends in Freshness”, Commercials, and Events.

Refreshing the design of the WindsetTV page was carefully thought out to incorporate new design elements while keeping the look and feel cohesive with the rest of the site. The website is a behemoth so changes to the structure and templates/grids could have large usability consequences. A lengthy research and planning phase including a full review of how users navigate the site took place before beginning the new design.

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