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Another round of pics off the iPhone… I had a quick trip to New Brunswick in February for a wedding. As you might expect, flying to the east coast in the middle of winter might test your patience. 39 hours of travel for a 48 trip. Perfect. See the pictures of snow up there ^^^. That’s New Brunswick. In a word? Snow. Oh, and cold.

  • If you’ve ever seen the Epic Meal Time videos, this is the cake version of that. Chocolate cake, chocolate baked in the cake, chocolate cupcakes, Oreos, donuts and more. More in stuff in the cake. Lots of more. Lots of chocolate. James at work is responsible for this beast. And making sure everybody at the studio is up to date with the latest Epic Meal Time videos.
  • Flowers… Some mums I picked up for Katie for Valentine’s Day. Did you know that mums are poisonous to cats? The cat is fine… Just, now we all know.
  • At the wedding reception (in NB), looking out the window at the latest dump of snow. The lights looked really cool through the snow and lining the path.
  • Cool tiles in the lobby of a friend’s building. All the different reds look pretty cool with the mint green tiles. I’m really into tiles right now.
  • I’ve been re-ripping all of my music CD’s to a super-high bitrate, and I’m getting rid of all but a couple boxes of them. I’ve been storing a bunch of boxes full of CD’s for years, and it’s time for them to go. I haven’t played a CD in about 7 years (or whenever the iPod was invented). I’m saving only my favourite CD’s – rare imports, neat artwork, or just the best of the best. It’s pretty hard to whittle your babies down like that, and I was ruthless. Good riddance.
  • The hotel room that Air Canada put me in for my unexpected overnight stay in Toronto. Nothing memorable about it other than it was good to lay down here – it was a long day. The view just before the lights went out.
  • We stopped at the ‘Big Stop truck stop’ in Rothesay, New Brunswick for breakfast – which is where the locals eat. It was super busy. People of all ages filled the place, and we had to wait a little while to get a table. And, it was worth it.
  • Looking out the back window at Katie’s dad’s place just outside of Saint John, New Brunswick. Tons of snow. They still get snowfalls like we used to get when we were kids back in Ontario. Vancouver has me acclimatized, that’s for damn sure.
  • Cool detail of a painting… I really like the teal/black/yellow/green colour combo, and the texture was amazing. All things you can’t capture on my iPhone camera.

Unrelated – Google just launched Google Recipes… Pretty cool.


Listening to:
J. Mascis – Several Shades Of Why
Rabbits – Lower Forms
Explosions In The Sky – Take Care, Take Care, Take Care
Buffalo Tom – Skins
Twilight Singers – Dynamite Steps


About the iPhone photo dump: I shoot a lot of photos in the average month, whether it be on my iPhone (or any of my other cameras). Sadly, most of these photos never see the light of day, and sit buried somewhere on a hard-drive. I’m using this monthly feature to set some of those photos free. You can see my full archive of iPhone Photo dumps here.


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It’s time once again for another dump of photos off the iPhone – starting at the top left…

  • One Friday night, we made a stop at the Roundhouse Community Centre in Yaletown for some VSBC business. The PuSh Festival exhibit was taking place in the main performance centre, so we took a half hour and checked it out. There was some cool art on display, and there’s a few pics from the exhibit here in the photos.
  • It’s amazing what can be found in the aisles of Winners. Katie models the treasure she found. Gold boots with neon pink laces. [update: no, she didn’t buy them]
  • Pantone chips on the desk, that’s a lot of pink.
  • Another piece from the PuSh Festival
  • Looking in the window at Antisocial Skateboard Shop
  • Another piece from the PuSh Festival – a small video camera was mounted up at the top of this umbrella.
  • Hospital ER visit. Photo shot at 6:15AM after being at VGH for a little over an hour wondering if any doctors were coming to see me.
  • This is little Felix from the Granville Island Pet Hospital. If you’ve ever been to this vet before, Felix has been welcoming 2 and 4-legged visitors at the front counter for 17 years. I shot this photo of Felix sleeping on our way out the door – and on our next visit just a few weeks later, we discovered Felix had died. Felix looks exactly like our cat, Nik.
  • Glass tile wall at some restaurant – I really like the colours. Note to self: do something incorporating these colours.


About the iPhone photo dump: I shoot a lot of photos in the average month, whether it be on my iPhone (or any of my other cameras). Sadly, most of these photos never see the light of day, and sit buried somewhere on a hard-drive. I’m using this monthly feature to set some of those photos free. You can see my full archive of iPhone Photo dumps here.



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December’s photos have a bit of a Christmas theme of course… Meet the craziest Santa you’ve ever seen – from the top left…

  • Shot from the Raven Ridge chairlift on Cypress Mountain.
  • Another shot on the chairlift – only this one’s looking down.
  • Okay everybody, meet Johnny Claus… Wild evening of Christmas carols that I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. I’m not a caroller…
  • One of the twin beagles, can’t remember either of their names.
  • Another toilet photo? Really? The phone makes this washroom setup complete.
  • A United Bikes finger bikes at some toy store – and it actually looks really good.
  • Noisemakers from the Christmas party, and some noise making fuel.
  • I totally don’t remember taking this photo, and have no idea where it’s from, but I can see why I would have shot it. Maybe it was painted on velvet or something?
  • Maudite beer… Hate the beer, but love their evil looking graphics on all their packaging.

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November’s best of photos off the iPhone – from the top left…

  • It’s not often you have carpet in the washroom… Let alone bright red carpet. It felt like I was in Elton John’s washroom. I would imagine he’s got bright red plush carpet in his washroom – can anybody confirm this?
  • Still life – I had a collection of apples on my desk that were marked with their variety names (from a CBC media visit/tasting).
  • Some rough sketches for a website design I was working on.
  • Anthem II DVD and limited edition package. I’ve probably watched the video 25 times since.
  • Scrabble – I was pretty stoked when I got to use the word ‘wheelie’ in a scrabble game. Not many points for it unfortunately, just check out all those 1’s.
  • GDC ‘Practivism’ poster on the corkboard at work. It was a pretty cool poster with really prominent layers of overprinting techniques, printed at Rhino.
  • Cupcakes at Safeway – they look good, but don’t taste good at all.
  • More randomness on the corkboard at work.
  • These ‘food objects’ were in the glass counter beside those cupcakes, on the left. You know what doesn’t look good beside really bright cupcakes? Food that looks like shit.
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Here’s the latest round of photos off the iPhone – from the top left…

  • Soap from Escents. Katie’s been making soap at home lately, so this is a reminder to make some of this kind – it smelled sweet.
  • James at work made a hamburger and fries cake for his snack day. The fries were actually cookies.
  • Went to see Stewart Brand, author of The Whole Earth Catalog speak at a UBC evening lecture. This is a (blurry) shot of him talking to the audience after his presentation.
  • Random 10-speed with a sweet old/new Gap branded bag covering the seat (shot a few days after the bungled Gap re-brand launch).
  • View from the studio boardroom/deck at work.
  • I had to tear apart an external hard drive to see what was going on, just another dead drive in my life. This time it was my music drive. It was backed up, but it had been a while. So that took about the next 6 weeks of my life to get that back up and running again.
  • The washroom at Antisocial Skateboard shop… I guess I wasn’t the only one that thought this looked cool – almost the exact same photo ran as an ad for Concrete Skateboarding magazine. (edit: link is now dead)
  • Like I’d need a reminder to watch Dexter.
  • Chinese restaurant table, waiting for our take-out order to be ready. While Rick Springfield blared out on the radio. Nice.
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It’s taken me a little while to pull together and sort out all my photos from our New Orleans trip that we took with Katie’s family over the Labour Day long weekend. In case I didn’t shoot enough photos myself, I was left in charge of gathering all the photos from everybody’s cameras (5 in total), cleaning and sorting them out, then making sure that they all got distributed back to everybody so that they’d all have a copy of all the photos… This task is easier said than done.

You can see the full gallery on my Flickr page here, and just my favourites here. Keep in mind, if you’re connected to me as a friend or family on Flickr, you actually get to photos with people in them…

If you haven’t already seen my photos from my New Orleans iPhone Dump post, you can see them here.

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No-hander over the hip at the Vanier Park Dirt Jumps grand opening.

No-hander over the hip at the Vanier Park Dirt Jumps grand opening.

This past weekend was the grand opening of the new BMX/Mountain Bike Dirt Jump Park, centrally located in Vancouver’s Vanier Park, just a few steps away from the beach. This is a project I’ve been working on for the last decade with the Vancouver Dirt Jump Coalition, ever since the dirt jumps at Oak and 37th were torn down when the City of Vancouver redeveloped Oak Meadow Park. With all the work I’ve done with the Vancouver Skateboard Coalition I’m very aware with how long the process is for these parks from initial discussions to the ribbon cutting event. So I’m very glad to finally be cutting the ribbon and getting this park finished.

Sarah Blyth and myself with our opening speaches.

Sarah Blyth and myself with our opening speaches.

The guys at Earth Ramp Bike Parks (Facebook page) were brought in to design and build the jumps and pumptrack and they did a great job. Certainly the big and intermediate lines are respectful and pretty authentic to what you would find at private trails, including real gap jumps and not just pyramid style tabletop jumps which is often what you see at city-built dirt jump parks.


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P1070054 cropped

Dustin Guenther pushing through the first berm in first place, with Morgan on his left, and John Knowlden hot on his heels.

You can see a video of the race here.

When Ride On Again’s Hell Track flyer hit the internet, I don’t think too many people were sure what was happening – was somebody actually building some kind of a Hell Track down at Vanier Park? (on the location of the freshly approved Dirt Jump Park). Then a few people figured out that it must be a ‘qualifying style’ race. If you remember in the movie RAD, the qualifying race took place in the town park, not on a race track, just ripping around through this park. This seemed to make more sense, seeing that a few people had gone by in the days leading up to the race, and there wasn’t much going on down there.

Ride On Again Hell Track poster

There wasn’t much hype about the event, you just knew you had to show up. So that’s what a bunch of people did. Being a Ride On event, you know you have to show up with a few beers in hand, and with it being a beautiful fall day, what better way to spend it? I checked the online flyer just after noon to see what time it started. Oh shit, it started AT noon. Well, registration was at noon, and the racing starting at 1. So I rushed to get out the door.

When we got down there, it was a pretty chill scene, most of the people were taking runs at a dirt jump that was built just off to the left. It was almost unridable… Soft, wet, and of course a terrible run up to it – yet that didn’t stop a few people from throwing 270’s, 450’s and some whips over it. There was a few guys actually charging the ‘course’ and practising. I knew I’d find Steve Calette down there for sure… He’s the dude for this, and he was on his MacNeil race bike – pretty sure he was the only guy on an actual race bike.

I only saw one guy with a vintage RAD era bike… I think he even lead through a couple of the motos, which was pretty good on that bike, even though it looked like they were one-piece 165mm cranks, pretty short for any kind of racing.

I gave the course a couple of goes, but wasn’t really feeling it myself, as I’d ridden for several hours the day before and was sore as hell. I figured I’d sit the race out and shoot some photos, and maybe some video.

Once the races got underway, things got hectic pretty quick. It was pretty evident that the first turn, a  hairpin with the smallest of built-up berms was going to be a bit of an issue. And it was in almost every race. More than a few guys got tossed, or tangled up in pegs. I guess there wasn’t an official at the starting line checking for pegs? For those that got through the first turn, it was right into the trees where you had an option of lines. You could go over a small pit, or go around and head straight for a tree than another quick turn. One guy hit the pit, and clipped his front wheel tossing him pretty good. I actually got that one on video.

I won’t give you a play-by-play on the races, but I think everybody has a good time. Even John Knowlden who probably got worked the most of anybody. He went down 2 or 3 times, and one of them was a high-speed torqued out spin that sent him down into a shoulder roll. Wild times.

In the end, here what the finals looked like between the two divisions – Bro and Pro.

Ride On Again’s Hell Track 2009 Winners

Steve Calette
Dustin Guenther

Elliot (won Bro… then entered Pro, taking 5th place)

I think everybody that showed up probably walked away with some kind of prize too. I ended up with an S&M beer cozie and a t-shirt, things I can put to good use.

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