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VancouverIsAwesome Vanier Park Dirt Jumps story

You can find the original story on VIA here.

Monday night the Vancouver Park Board voted unanimously in favour of the Dirt Jump Park proposal for Vanier Park. I’m pretty excited this has finally happened, as this is a project I’ve been working on since the original jumps at Oak & 37th were plowed when that park was redesigned. That was 2004/2005… It’s been so long I can’t even remember exactly when it happened. Couldn’t have done this without the help of Commissioner Sarah Blyth, and the rest of the Park Board Commissioners. And, of course Mark Vulliamy and Park Board staff. Mark V kicks ass.

Tuesday night I was interviewed live-on-air at the new CBC Radio headquarters downtown. It was a fairly brief interview with Stephen Quinn on the On The Coast Show at 5:50pm. If I can get an .mp3 copy of it, I’ll try to post it. It went pretty good, as I was pretty prepared going in.


Quick pic I fired off at CBC Radio while waiting to go into the sound booth. New offices look good.

Here’s the text of the VIA press release here:

“Last night the Vancouver Park Board Commissioners voted unanimously in favour of the proposed Dirt Jump park in Vanier Park. With the Park Board office beyond capacity with BMX and Mountain Bikers, the group listened in on delegations presenting in favour of the park, with no parties speaking against. One-by-one the Commissioners expressed their positive thoughts about the project, and thanked those whose hard work has made this possible. Opinions were expressed to ensure that the park will be designed with elements for all levels of riding, from young children right up to advanced users. And, that the park should be designed in such a way to fit in with Vanier Park, which could be done with landscaping. The project was given the blessing by the Vancouver’s Bicycle Advisory Committee.”

“One of the delegates, a mother who came to express her thoughts commended the Park Board on the approval process. She was impressed, and expressed how pleased she was with the inclusion of the community, Vanier Park stakeholders, and interested parties all were heard on this proposal. Multiple generations were in the room with her to see a positive outcome, which will hopefully inspire more youth to be involved.”

“Very special thanks go out to Commissioner Sarah Blyth for her dedication to this project, and the rest of the Park Board Commissioners for keeping their promise of engaging the youth and keeping them active as one of their platforms. Mark Vulliamy and Park Board staff have also been vital to making the Dirt Jump park a reality.”

You can learn more about the project on our Vancouver Dirt Jump Coalition Facebook page.


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2006 Red Bull Elevation BMX Contest, Whistler, BC on Vimeo.

Looks like the Red Bull Elevation videos have finally made their way online. This is the official full length video put out by Red Bull, and is a great look at the 2006 contest. I’ll link to some of the other videos in another post as well. This event took place over the Canada Day long weekend in 2006.

I miss doing these events the most… Nothing against the Metro’s – but these Elevations were just at a completely different level.

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2005 Red Bull Elevation BMX Contest, Whistler, BC on Vimeo.

Here’s the first Red Bull Elevation video in it’s entirety. This is the official full length video put out by Red Bull, and is a great look at the original 2005 contest. This was the first Red Bull contest we put on, and it was epic. It took the world by storm, and by the time the 2006 contest happened, every badass on the planet wanted to be there to ride it. The contests stayed in Whistler for 3 years, then we did one in Guadalajara, MX which was the last one we ever did.

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Hooked up with the MacNeil and Ten Pack teams for part of the Ten Pack Re-session tour through the interior. One afternoon, everybody took a break and we headed up to Coldstream, BC to jump off the cliffs.

Good fun. That is until I wiped out on the trail on the way out and scraped up my knee pretty good, putting an end to any more riding, and fun in the water going down that week.

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A few years back I helped contribute a story to Ireland’s DigBMX magazine about Paul Buchanan, a somewhat elusive rider that shied away from all the magazines and media back in the day. He’s originally from London, Ontario, so I’ve known him since he was a kid. Dig just recently posted the ‘Solo Mission’ story onto the classic archives section of their site, so it was good to see the article again… I’d completely forgotten about it.

You can check it out here: (the article is no longer online when Dig updated their website in Oct 2014).

Here’s the original story, text only (for my archives)


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Updated: Aug 3, 2010

I get asked all the time about the apps that I run on my iPhone… So I’ve compiled a list here. I’ve kind of kept them in a loose running order of their ‘importance’, or rather perhaps, how often I use them. I’ll try to keep this up-to-date, and maybe even break out a list of Apps I’ve run, then deleted for whatever reason… That list can be found below the good list.

First Page Apps

These apps are used enough that they all get first page real estate on my iPhone:

iXpenseit These guys also make another app, FYI Mileage, for tracking your car’s mileage, and writing it off. It integrates well with iXpenseit, and looks nice too.

Project Management and To-Do Lists: I now use Basecamp and/or Asana, depending on which agency I’m working with, so I’m not using Things anymore, which because of it’s closed ecosystem just doesn’t work well for shareing.

EchoFon Pro (formerly TwitterFon Pro). I’ve tried a bunch of Twitter apps, but if you’re running multiple accounts, this is the one, hands down.

TimeSlice Works with my time tracking app on my laptop. There’s other solutions, maybe some are even a bit more elegant than TimeSlice, but I’ve been using it for years, and if I ever have a problem, Bill usually replies pretty quick, and has on more than one occasion, cut me a Beta to fix my problem.

iPhone screen page 1 (IMG_2023) iPhone screen page 2 (IMG_2024)

Here’s my first (left) and second screens (right).


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